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ICX7150 switches stuck "Connecting" if super-user password enabled

New Contributor

Good evening, I am hoping you all have a workaround for this.

We have Unleashed version running at a client site. I have noticed that the switches will join Unleashed without a problem with no super-user password set, but will fail to connect if defined. The site is currently having issues with their backup generator, so power is going in and out and knocking switches out of Unleashed left and right.

I can confirm this is the issue in the logs as depicted here:

Apr 19 23:04:13 GEM-AP1-2F sys_wrapper: icx_do_login():ICXD: ICX[id=4]: *******: see end with "", enter "enable".
Apr 19 23:04:13 GEM-AP1-2F sys_wrapper: icx_do_login():ICXD: ICX[id=4]: *******: lastline "SSH@*******", expect end with "" or "#".

And here:

Apr 19 23:04:09 GEM-AP1-2F sys_wrapper: icx_do_login():ICXD: ICX[id=4]: *******: lastline "host@*******'s password: ", expect "assword:".

After it fails to use my own user credentials, it then tries to use the default super user and password. If I set the user to super and password to sp-admin it will also fail if a super-user password is enabled.

It appears the program is reading "username@IP-address's password: " and is expecting to see "#:" to be in the enable prompt, but since I have a password set it breaks and does not add the switches to unleashed. Either that or there is a typo, and it is expecting it to end in "assword", which would be pretty funny.

Is it something I am missing? Or must I remove the enable password every time I want to join/rejoin switches?

Thank you in advance!


New Contributor

I was seeing similar things in my logs when I was having a similar issue. Here is the link to my thread and you can see if it's related. Check the logs on the Switch, it may provide some insight. 

In may case I was seeing the same as you, seemingly failing with the correct passwords and then re-trying with the default. My issue ended up being related to the snmp community name not getting set properly into the switch.

New Contributor

If you are seeing things like this in the switch logs:

Apr 6 02:24:08	informational	SNMP: Auth. failure, intruder IP: 

Then you need to find the community id that the Unleashed is trying to set and make sure it's in the switch properly.

In the Unleashed system you might see a log entry like this:

RuckusAP syslog: pid=1633, _icxd_api_run_icx_cli():ICXD: ICX[id=1]: Start: try to run cmd [snmp-server community un991803005602501306301 ro ]

The "un991803005602501306301" in this case is the ID that needs to be set in the switch.