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How to stop APs in unleashed network from automatically turning off?

New Contributor

After updating the firmware in my unleashed network ( 3x R610 and 1 x H510) to the latest, the 3 R610 have intermittenly been turnining on and off.  Previously, my master AP WIFI is usually off, and so is the H510 WIFI,and the WIFI coverage is great with just the 2 R610 (attic and ground floor). The master AP is on the 2nd floor, and the H510 is in the masterbedroom -on the 2nd floor as well.

Now the R610 in the attic does not come back on, and the H510 takes on a lot more clients on WIFI and the R610 on the ground floor comes on and off. How do I revert back to the original AP arrangement or at least prevent the Attic and Ground floor APs from being turned off?

Thank you



Contributor III

What do you mean by ‘turning off’? Do you mean literally losing power, or not taking on clients?

New Contributor

The AP is stated as disconnected. It has power, it can be pinged but it does not allow you to access it or take on clients.


Are you using static IPs or DHCP? It sounds like the APs are failing to talk to each other. 

All the APs have a static IP address reserved by the DHCP server in pfsense