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How to limit guest access per day

New Contributor

I am trying to setup a guest wifi which requires as little password management as possible using the guestpass self service.

Is there any way to limit each device to an hour of access per day? When I have it setup once an hour passes the user just has to request another guest pass using the "Help with a guest pass" link and can sign back in again for another hours worth of access.

So in other words I would like to limit each guest device to only have access for 1 hour per day. Is this possible and if so how do I set this up?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @9thCtrlAltDel 

You can Enable Session Timeout value ,Select the check box and select a time interval (Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks) after which guests are required to log in again. If Session Timeout is disabled, the connected users are not required to log in again until the guest pass expires.

Regarding limit the user to access the WLAN of 1hr per day is totally not possible, for that some rules needs to be create on the External Radius server. Please refer the below thread


New Contributor

Thank you for the info, if we move over to Ruckus cloud to manage more than one site with linkify , will we then be able to limit each guest per day? 

New Contributor

If at all possible we would like to avoid using an external radius server due to complexity of setup with our existing environment and we hope there is an inbuilt mechanism in a ruckus product to limit guest devices to a specific amount of access per day