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How to configure Ruckus R610 after LACP

New Contributor

Currently, the controller and AP web UIs do not expose LACP settings or configuration. If an AP is configured via AP CLI to bond its Ethernet ports, then any per-Ethernet port setting in the web UIs are ignored by the AP.

So, how can configure Ruckus R610  after Configure LACP ?


Contributor II

Hello there, this must be configured via CLI.  Here are the commands.

CLI Config commands

Log in to AP CLI using SSH
- Bond command on the CLI can be used to configure LACP.

Command format as below.

get bond - Show Bond Info
set bond {options} - Configure Bond/LACP settings
** <profile>: bond0, ...
** options: enable : R720 Only to enable LACP Mode
disable : R720 Only to disable LACP Mode
lacp-rate [0,1], 0 for slow, 1 for fast
xmit-hash [0,1,2], 0 for L(ayer2), 1 for L3+4, 2 for L2+3
{add|delete} <eth0| eth1>

Set bond bond0 add eth0
set bond bond0 add eth1

Get bond

Please see KB for more details:


Hi, after add eth0, eth1 to bond 0, I can't config throuh WebUI. How can I config my AP after configured LACP ?


Hello, I'm not sure I understand.

LACP configuration is via CLI only, you cannot see or make changes from GUI.  What change are you trying to make after enabling LACP?

Also I just tried this and you simply need to run the command:

set bond bond0 enable

get bond --> to confirm the status