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How do I do this

New Contributor III
I have a R310 running the wireless in the house. It's connected to a switch via ethernet - about 2m long. Also connected to that switch is a 7363 - I'm using the PoE port. The cable is about 20m long.

I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. The power light does not come on the 7363. I no longer have a ZD to control it, assuming I could use the R310 as its controller.

As I say, the 7363 is 20m away from the R310 as my goal is to boost the wifi to the back of the house - between the two AP's are a lot of walls and metal. 

Please could ppl advise me on what I need to do to achieve my goal

Thank you.

Contributor II
Does the 7363 power up when you use the same cable as the R310?

New Contributor III
I don't follow, sorry. 
  1. use the same power cable as the 310? But then the 310 would not have power.
  2. use the same ethernet cable - but then the 310 wouldn't be connected to the switch
  3. something else.
Sorry, can you help me out here please.

Yes- to determine if it is a cable or termination problem.

Unplug the R310 and try to power the 7363 with the same cable.

Ok done - Yes, the power cable for the 310 does power up the 7363.