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How can I access AP interface (Guest Pass Portal) from WIRED computer?

New Contributor II
Setting up R500 Unleashed network. I need to access the Guest Pass portal from the receptionist computer - which is wired. I cannot access even with IP address of the master. How can I generate guest passes from wired computers that are not connected to the WIFI network?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Brant,

How many APs in your Unleashed network, and do you assign them static IPs outside the DHCP scope
on that subnet so you can always get to them?  For example, .100, .101, .102, etc?  From a wired PC on
the same subnet, you should be able to open https:// ; with any of the Unleashe APs IP address,
and get redirected to the current Master AP.

From there, I can get to the Admin&Services -> Services -> Guest Access Service, Guest Pass Generation
tab ok?

First would be to see that you can reach your Unleashed APs by IP address, which should work.  Do they
ping ok, but not open if you try the https://; browser session?  What do you/they see back?