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Guest network related question

New Contributor III


I have a guest network at home and this network is for work related devices too. There was a time when i separated the two networks, but i had to rationalize my networks, so i decided to make one network instead of two. Is there any way to grant definite access for the work related devices? Now if i disconnect from the network and want to connect again after a run-down grace period i had to connect again on the captive portal. So i'd like to skip the captive portal only with my work related devices. Is there any possibility to do this?

Thanks any help you can provide!


Valued Contributor II

It is a bad idea to use Guest portal authentication for anything except plain unsecured Internet access. Guest portal is not secure, and doesn't provide traffic encryption. Use DPSK instead, and you'll have security and guaranteed connectivity.

New Contributor III

So are you suggesting to use a normal wifi network with Dynamic PSK enabled instead of a guest network ? And maybe i should configure all my other network for DPSK? I just read this article: link, and it seems as a really awesome feature.

New Contributor

You can also setup a normal network and give it a whitelist (with DPSK or not) for access, this would allow you to only specify that the wifi has access to the WAN or to other guest friendly devices such as Sonos, AppleTV's or Printers.

Another approach if you're gear is capable is to setup a vlan for the guest network and have the guest wifi tied to the guest vlan.

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DPSK seems a very good option, unfortunately i can't make it work. If you know how to set it up, you could help me out, i'd appreciate it!

I had a separate guest VLAN on my network, but there was too many WLAN network in my home, i had to do something about it, so i had to rally some of my network. For IOT i have a separate network.