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Good day. Has anyone got a syslog server to work with ruckus or unleashed. I am having difficulties with snmp traps.

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Yes, many have (naturally a variety of configs).
At school  (25 APs) installed syslog watcher personal (free and old but does the job) on a server
ticked the boxes (and entered ip of syslog server) concerned with logging on our ZD
told syslog personal to accept comms from ZD ip on port 514
messages started arriving (more APs more messages...beware the flood).

I'd call this cheap and cheerful, obviously if you want more bells and whistles to sort the logs then a paid for product might be more relevant.

couple of old screenshots (from an old answer!) to give you an idea of output...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42d135b77e2479a1611_ae84abc8c26a345de66786e5ae610da1_RackMultipart20170405340661bk3-ef908d55-3ed2-4b15-b3ac-bffe3ff8b3df-26488900.jpg1491426686Image_ images_messages_5f91c42d135b77e2479a1611_1f9bfae9f3582380bf707ccf2e25eb13_RackMultipart20170405122956yfa-8ce7971c-9912-4e92-928e-859ebe7e6c3e-1915001703.jpg1491426701