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Gathering Guest info for guest wifi SSID?

Contributor II



I've seen a few articles on setting up guest wifi to require an email address to login to the guest network/VLAN.    Currently we are just using WPA2.   If we wanted to gather email addresses - what guest system would you recommend please?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @bdillard 
You can use "Guest Access" Type SSID with "Guest Authentication type" as "Social Login" option where the user needs to connect to the SSID using their social login like Gmail, Facebook.
I believe this should meet your requirement.

Contributor II

This looks like a good starting point but how do I access the list of email addresses that have been submitted. (I tried the social links and both MS and google came up with uri errors and even if I allow them to be sent - it is still quite limitting.  I just want people to be able to submit any email address and the system tracks it.