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Forcing a client to connect to specific AP under Unleashed + Mesh

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We've got R510 + R310 APs, all connected into one Unleashed (200.7) network, with Mesh enabled.

Few clients seem to have issues connecting to nearest AP (R310), which causes slow network access and interruptions. When they re-connect to unwanted AP (R510), we can either reboot that AP (R510) or reboot the client, and it will get back to nearest AP (R310). But it doesn't stick and we have to repeat this, which is not optimal.

I've seen some very old discussions which were not helpful, including stuff about AP groups and WLAN groups. I don't see such options in the interface, possibly because Mesh is enabled.

I imagine one of the following might help:

- Forcing certain AP to broadcast certain SSID.

- Prevent certain AP from broadcasting certain SSID.

But so far I'm not seeing any possibilities to achieve any of that.


Creating an AP group you can setup the desired SSID on it.

Syamantak Omer
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I tried using this functionality but it appears to not do anything. By this, I mean that I still have the System Default group where I can't disable any SSID.

After I create a new AP group, I can select the needed AP in AP Assign tab, and the needed SSID in WLAN Assign tab. But that WLAN remains available everywhere else.

I suppose I need to somehow remove the SSID from System Default group, but not seeing how this is possible.


Scratch that. I see I need to fully deplete the System Default group of APs by assigning them in other AP groups. That seems to work.

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Just curious -- what is the use for this TP-link device? I have seen it used as cheap alternative to 4G wifie routers in the past (nobody do it now as operators give novadays routers as needed, instead of dongles), but otherwise it looks pretty useless as a client...  Do you use it as external wifi- gateway for PCs or similar?

Anyway, you can create additional AP group, and apply wireless settings on group level (Access Points/ Group view button (5th button on the right from "Create" button, with 2 squares).

TP-Link device acts as a wireless bridge between the WLAN and Ethernet port of the PC (or other Ethernet-only device).

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Makes sense to mention, that TP-Link device acting as a wireless bridge between the WLAN and Ethernet doesn't support any roaming, so you must set it so it is connected to only designated AP (create specific SSID for that use on just needed AP).