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Flashing APs to get Unleashed

New Contributor III

I have 4 APs i want to upgrade to unleashed. I brought 2x R310's and 1x R500, plus a older R500 still working. Do i need to flash to a certain version of firmware first then to upgrade to the Unleashed firmware?
I just found out after that i could have brought AP's with unleashed flashed already on them! 😞


New Contributor II
You can flash straight to Unleashed firmware.  Just do a factory reset afterward (hold reset button for 8 seconds).

The only difference with buying the 9U1 SKU (Unleashed) over the 901 (Standalone/Solo/Controller) is that you'll get the same one back if you have to send it in.  It takes mere minutes to update the firmware so I see no issue.

Yes, you can re-flash your Solo (901 part number) APs, but if you ever need an RMA you will get another Solo AP (that you will have to re-flash again).
Ruckus recommends to return your APs for Unleashed firmware models.

That said, it's also easier to upgrade a set of Unleashed APs, as you only need to upgrade one (Master AP model), and it will upgrade all other models.