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ZF 7982 placement

New Contributor

I know the ZF 7982 is at end of life. We have a lot of them and are considering reusing in remodeled buildings. Looking for a way out in the ball park idea of general principles of spacing them in open area with columns, behind sheet rock wall, concrete / plaster walls. I just have no idea about places to put them that would give me X percent coverage at X strength. I don't even know what percent or strength is basic. I've just always been told to put them here and there.

Thanks for any help or information you can pass along or direct me to.

One ignorant guy.


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Bob,

   The zf7982 was our flagship bg/an model AP for some time.  You can manage them with the
older ZD1100 (, ZD1000 even (, or still supported ZD1200 controllers
( current version firmware).  This is best if you have more than one AP that clients
might roam between.

    You can also run them in Standalone/Solo mode, if you define the same SSIDs on the radios
of all APs in range of each other.  Clients will need to re-authenticate with each roam however.
The APs in an open room can reach up to 100m, and are designed to be mounted horizontally,
like on the ceiling or flat on top of a bookcase, over flat wall mounting.

    They will operate ok behind a sheet-rock wall, but less well behind brick/concrete and maybe
not at all if a plaster wall contains chicken-wire, which creates an RF barrier.  Think about 50' in
most cases for separation in a large deployment.  Try to avoid locating near any machinery or
electrical conduits, heating/AC vents, etc.