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Firmware issue with Unleashed 200.7.10.X ... upload and download speeds are flipped

Contributor III
This message for the Ruckus support team and unleashed software developers:

Apparently, there is an issue with firmware 200.7.10.x which not only affects R710, R610, R510 unleashed.  With firmware 200.7.10.x....upload and download speeds are pretty much flipped when testing with Speedflex app and other methods of testing. It apparently affect iOS devices 802.11ac for sure and from some other users using a Samsung S10.  This issue does not only affect me and my clients who have ruckus R710, R610, and R510s. Other users on this forum have this issue. The uploads speeds are very high, but the download speeds are very slow. Only way to address this issue is to roll back to firmware 200.6.10.x. Please fix this issue soon.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Hayk,

If you see the reply on[settings][f... , this was tested and there was no difference seen. So its better if you log a support ticket and have this debug.


problem with Jimmy's test was that was it through an iOS device? probably not since he wasn't using speedflex and was using iperf .... that's the problem we are having which seems more consistent that iOS devices are having issue with the current 200.7.10 firmware ... and someone else with a Samsung S10 reported the same issue.. but others with android devices doesn't seem to be affected.

Anyway, I just did a test myself with my 2x R710 today. Saved my settings and Went to 200.7.10.x  and got pretty bad download speeds... something like on my Ipad Pro 2018 with iOS 12.4.1 80mbit down and 300mbit up and that's just 6 feet away in the same room. Note using speedflex test.. then rolling back to 200.6.10.x  on the ipad Pro I get 300-400mbit down and 700-800mbit upstream.

this also happened exactly the same way with a clients 3x R610 that they got from a ruckus dealer 45  days ago..... and I had to roll back the clients firmware....since they got a lot of iOS devices...

New Contributor III
I spent 4 hours with Ruckus support with a new install of 4x R720's with latest firmware.  Not easy to explain to client why these new Ruckus AP's get HALF the download speed of the Ubiquitis they replaced.  NOTE: In testing, the problem appears to be with how it handles WPA2 encryption.  Created test open SSID (no encryption) and the speeds doubled - although still not close to the speeds of a wired connection.  SO DISAPPOINTED to read that this issue is not so recent and they have been unable to fix the issue after many months of complaints.  Any word if this has to do with the change of ownership (Arris, now CommScope)?  Not only does this compromise the integrity of Ruckus - it puts integrators in a really bad position.  I cannot possibly do another installation with Ruckus equipment until I am assured this problem is fixed.  I can't believe I actually have to post this.  I won't even get into the issue of this latest firmware breaking PoE negotiation on R710s (now bumped to 802.3af from 802.3at.). What is going on at Ruckus engineering??