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Dynamic VLANs assigned by DPSK

New Contributor III

I am trying to determine whether or not Unleashed on an R850 can support dynamic VLAN assignment by shared DPSK using a single WLAN SSID.

I can confirm that both dynamic VLANs and DPSK are supported by unleashed independently. Note, the Ruckus community has some outdated posts indicating otherwise, but these features were added in recent versions of Unleashed. The thing I cannot confirm is whether these features can be configured to work together in Unleashed. 

See DPSK configuration for Unleashed here This includes the ability to use "Shared DPSK", this is what I would need.

Dynamic VLANs can be enabled in Unleashed here "Dynamic VLAN can be used to automatically and dynamically assign wireless clients to different VLANs based on RADIUS attributes. The Dynamic VLAN option is only available for 802.1X EAP WLANs with a RADIUS server configured.".

This seems to imply it is not possible to use dynamic VLANs with DPSK, however, if we look at this same documentation for the Unleashed cli interface, it seems to imply it is possible to assign VLANs by DPSKs. See here "Dynamic VLAN can be enabled or disabled in the following two conditions: 1) The authentication method is '802.1X/EAP' or 'MAC Address', Encryption method is WPA, WPA2, WPA mixed, or none. 2) Authentication method is 'Open', Encryption method is WPA, WPA2 (Algorithm may not be Auto), enable Zero-IT Activation, enable Dynamic PSK."

So I am looking for some clarification of the documentation. Is it or is it not possible using Unleashed to dynamically assign a VLAN based on the shared DPSK a client used to connect to a WLAN?

If this is possible, is there some place I can find documentation on how to do this?

If this is not possible, which Ruckus products can support such a configuration?


New Contributor III

I have confirmed that VLANs can be dynamically assigned by DPSK using the internal database on an R850 running Unleashed

Unleashed doesn't document the feature anywhere I could find, nor is it suggested anywhere in the Unleashed UI. But it suffices to say that generating DPSKs in Unleashed works the same as ZoneDirector, just follow the ZoneDirector documentation for using a custom batch DPSK profile here zd-10.4.1-userguide. Note the VLAN ID and Role columns shown in the sample for ZoneDirector, those work on Unleashed too, they just aren't documented or shown anywhere in the UI.

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Hi louis!

Were you able to get any response from Ruckus or make it work in >200.09? I'm currently running 200.13 and I don't think it's working.

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Some great news here, the DVLANs assigned by DPSKs feature is enabled again with the Unleashed 200.11 release. And not only is it working with 200.11, but the fast transition issues when using this feature with 200.9 seem to be fixed in 200.11 too. I've been testing for about 2 weeks now and everything is looking much more stable than 200.9. Online upgrade from to worked perfectly, no special steps required. Ruckus also added an input to the Unleashed UI for specifying a DVLAN ID when generating DPSKs, though the docs still don't clearly explain this feature.

Connectivity in general is greatly improved, but I'm still seeing some connectivity instability. I am no longer sure if it is related to this particular feature being enabled though. I will keep monitoring/testing and post here again if I find a clear connection with this feature.

New Contributor

Good going Louis,

Were you able to try the same feature in the new fw?

I am planning on getting my hands on R650 & R550, you think DVLAN and DPSK will work on them as well in Unleashed setup?