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WPA2/WPA3-Mixed 192-bit & Transition Disable Indication

New Contributor

I have a WPA2/WPA3-Mixed network authenticating with EAP-TLS on a RADIUS server. Android 12 devices connect to this network using WPA2, whereas I would prefer they connect using WPA3. However, when I set up a WPA3-only network (not mixed), leaving all other settings identical, the devices connect using WPA3 192-bit mode.

  1. Is the behaviour using WPA2/WPA3-Mixed expected? Has anyone successfully connected their Android 12 devices using WPA3 to a WPA2/WPA3-Mixed mode network?
  2. Is there a way to indicate preference for WPA3 over WPA2 in a mixed-mode network?
  3. Android 12 supports Transition Disable indication in the WPA3 standard. Is it possible to enable this in Unleashed 200.12 if it's not already enabled by default?

APs: R510, Unleashed (

STAs: Pixel 3a, Android 12 (SP2A.220305.012)

Thanks in advance!