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Disconnecting WiFi from Clients

New Contributor


I am seeking for any help possible as I am out of ideas. Something happened in the last 2 days where phones, iPads are falling off the  WiFi and they do not reconnect back. I have 2 R510 Access Points and they are broadcasting WiFi. I have restart the Access Points, Modem, Router. After I forgot network on my phone and connect it again, it connects for a short period of time and disconnects and then just won't connect after that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, Access Points are updated to the latest firmware. 


New Contributor

This is a known issue in the 200.15.x release of the unleashed firmware for Ruckus Unleashed. If you rollback to what is considered the last stable release this should fix your issue. Version is considered the stable version as of right now.