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Disable 2.4 GHz wlan-service by SSH

New Contributor II

I have an Unsleashed Ruckus R510 mesh network with two access points for which I am trying to disable 2.4GHz wlan-service by SSH.

According to the latest official Ruckus Unleashed 200.9 Command Line Inerface Reference Guide I can accomplish this by executing the following command:

ruckus(config-ap)# radio 2.4 wlan-service disable

Now the problem is this command is not being recognized by the CLI.

The command that is indeed working is the following...

ruckus(config-ap)# radio 2.4 wlan-service

...but this just activates the Override Group Config checkbox for WLAN service and enables the wlan-service 2.4GHz itself.

Any hints what I am doing wrong? How can I DISABLE the 2.4GHz wlan-service by CLI?

Image_ images_messages_6086a9b87d10177233207265_c70ac186e00c1254c0712aa7d3096355_Capture-8a111e7b-4889-4fef-9f6c-ce6c958400ee-1829665601.PNG

New Contributor II

Found out by myself.

You have to insert the following command to disable wlan-service:

ruckus(config-ap)# no radio 2.4 wlan-service

And to enable it again:

ruckus(config-ap)# radio 2.4 wlan-service

Now that was a frustrating road to go as the official documentation is obviously wrong and/or irritating.

New Contributor III

It looks like cisco-alike command under IOS ... 🙂  

New Contributor


>no radio 2.4 wlan-service


to turn it off. Don't forget the "end" which acts as commit/save.

2.4GHz might still be active for >60sec after the commit (25s for 5GHz) but the radios will turn off if you're patient.