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Designate master and standby master?

New Contributor II
I have a couple of Unleashed APs connected to Ethernet cables that are getting interference from somewhere and are not connecting at full Gigabit speeds. I would like to be able to ensure that none of these APs are designated as either master or standby master. Is it possible to ensure that only certain APs can be considered for these functions?

Valued Contributor II
at the moment its not possible but could be worth while feature request.

Esteemed Contributor II
No is correct, but Uptime can be used to determine this role amongst Unleashed APs.
If the APs all stay up, your role assignments should not change.  So one workaround
if some APs have unreliable WAN links or suspect Eth cabling, woudl be to reboot them
occasionally, and they won't have longest uptimes.

But, failover/maintenance is important to the Unleashed solution.  Since all member APs
(from Standby Master to just other Members) are ALL updated with the configuration
details to step into Master AP role, you can always connect wirelessly to your Unleashed
PSK WLAN, and use the '' URL to access the current
Master AP, so you should feel comfortable knowing that your wireless network is designed
with built-in recovery mechanisms.

Your question/suggestion for Excluding an AP from Master/Standby Master role, (if there exist
two APs in those roles already), due to uncertainty about their availability, would be an Unleashed
Feature Request and would need to be submitted by your local VAR or Ruckus Systems engineer
(thru a support ticket) for our Product Marketing team to consider.

New Contributor II
Thanks for your response, Michael and Monnat. At this point, the APs that are on the iffy cabling are losing connectivity a couple times a day. So probably no danger of them becoming master or standby master anytime soon by the sounds of it. The other weird thing is that if I reboot the master AP, that role is then handed off to another AP. Would be great to have a bit more control over that process. Maybe if there was a way to reboot all APs at once then the system would know not to select another master??

I suspect there are going to be a lot of new features and functionality introduced in the months ahead. Is there any place to get an idea of the product roadmap? Would be great to be able to see new features that may be coming up and what others are asking for too.

Valued Contributor II
Is there any place to get an idea of the product roadmap? == your local Ruckus system engineer is the best person for this...