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Degradation of WIFI speed and signal quality

New Contributor II

Good morning,
I have 7 AP Ruckus, with 2 models 5 AP model R320 and 2 model R310.
I updated the firmware to version this week and since then, the Internet speed has gone from 200 Mpps to 20/40 Mpps and at maximum it reaches 80 Mpps while the same speed test with the RJ45 ethernet cable I am at 200-220 Mpps.
do you have any idea about this flow problem? how can I revert to the previous version of the firmware?


New Contributor II

I notice that there are other problems, the computers do not connect to the closest AP, they remain connected to the terminal even if it is further away, it does not automatically switch between AP

That is not an issue with the APs. The client chooses which AP to connect to. You can force the AP to disconnect the client if the received signal strength drops below a threshold, which may assist. You can also try turning on 802.11r and 802.11k in your WLAN configuration.

You can roll back by going to the Upgrade section of the settings and clicking the dropdown box, then choosing 'Downgrade'.

New Contributor II

I configured a group for each floor and configured each group to use floor specific channels and frequencies and force this configuration on all its APs.
I try to avoid interference between APs on adjacent floors,
6/7 APs display excellent internet speed and one AP displays a speed reduced to 40%, it is very close to 2 other APs.
is it because of this proximity (5-6 meters)
my problem is practically corrected but how can I improve this last AP to acheive the same level