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Create Policy to Block TikTok

New Contributor

Hey Pack,


Can anyone knows how to block tiktok from policy? because i couldn't find tiktok profile in social media or streaming service. Anyone success on this?


RUCKUS Team Member


We do not have an option to block TikTok.

Please check the details of the IP pool for TikTok and block it on the firewall or raise a support case with us and we will try to log a feature request.



New Contributor

Here are a few approaches you can consider:

  1. Device-level blocking: You can block access to TikTok on specific devices or across your network by utilizing parental control software or router settings. Many routers have built-in features that allow you to block specific websites or create content filtering rules.

  2. App blocking: On smartphones and tablets, you can use app blockers or parental control apps to prevent TikTok from being accessed. These apps typically allow you to set restrictions and block specific applications.

  3. DNS blocking: You can block TikTok by configuring your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. By mapping TikTok's domain names to a non-existent or blocked IP address, you can prevent devices on your network from accessing the platform.I know only 3 option.