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Could Unleashed AP manually upgrade upper/lower firmware?

Valued Contributor

I have a question.

Could Unleashed AP manually upgrade upper/lower firmware?

If it couldn't, does it support manually upgrading f/w?


Community Manager
Community Manager
Manual upgrade option on the unleashed is only available in the initial setup as of now.

I have already known about it.

But that it want to know is manually upgrading F/W without facory-reset.

Esteemed Contributor II
Unleashed firmware Releases occur transparently to users, by development engineering on a Cloud server host, usually overnight.

Admins on the Master AP, can go to Administer -> Upgrade page, where current firmware version is shown (ie

Admin needs to click the Software Upgrade button, in order to 1) check Cloud server for newer version 2) Initiate network
firmware upgrade (when available).

There is no facility to Downgrade an Unleashed network.  It is not recommended to install earlier Unleashed versions.
Earlier Unleashed version APs that join the network, will be updated to the current release running on the Master AP.