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Continue wired network from mesh node

New Contributor II
Is it possible to continue a wired network from a R500 mesh node?

I am running a unleased r500 mesh network with the main node connected to a router with internet. I would like to add a switch to a mesh node on the other side of our building to add some computers (without wifi) on that end.

Valued Contributor II
yes - this is doable however you may run into issue with regards to users behind the switch not receiving IP through DHCP.
You can resolve the issue with commands mentioned in below Post

New Contributor II
Thank you! I'll try and test it this evening disabling directed DHCP on each AP.

Esteemed Contributor II
Monnat is correct, to disable directed-dhcp might help clients beyond the MAP to get IPs.

Remember only Root Mesh APs can be Unleashed Master or Gateway mode AP, and be sure
to avoid forming loops in your network connections.

New Contributor II
I will test with a few static addresses first. I’ll look up the debug mode and scripts needed to change the directed dhcp setting when Dhcp is really needed on the other end. It’s my home network, not much experience with such extended ap’s 😉