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Cannot login to Controller (login details not documented)

New Contributor


We have a Ruckus Unleashed system and R310 APS 

The existing IT Tech company have left no details to login and configure/resolve any we are "locked out" completely.

The default sp-admin and all other default passwords have been tried and the Reset Password has not been configured either.

Any help in getting into the system greatly appreciated!




Valued Contributor

You need to reset all APs to factory  default (by button) and configure from scratch. No other way.

Hope it helps,

Agree.  Unfortunately if you don't have the password and cannot use the password recovery feature then you have to factory reset.

But don't worry it is VERY easy to set up the Unleashed network.  You can set up the new SSID(s) with the same name and passphrase and your devices will all just reconnect automatically!

You should be done in less than 10 minutes!

Valued Contributor

And next time choose IT service company better (and pay them enough), than you will not have such problems!


Hi Andy,

If you have a old backup file or a debug file downloaded from the same system, open a support case with it and support team can find the password for you (only after authenticating if device is registered on your/company name in our database).

Otherwise there is no other way but to factory reset all the APs and reconfigure them from the scratch.

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