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Cannot handle signal interference with Self Healing on Ruckus Unleashed.

New Contributor

I am quite helpless with the problem of signal interference on Ruckus Unleashed. We have gone through multiple versions and just updated to the latest version, but it seems that the Background Scanning is set with the parameter: Run a background scan on 5GHz radio every 300 seconds does not work at all.

Every time there is signal interference, the entire company's network system is almost paralyzed and unable to connect to the AP or access the internet. At the same time, the ping packets are extremely high and there are also a lot of drops.

We are working in an independent office environment with about 700 devices connected to the system's 7 APs as follows: 01 R750 running in Dedicated Master mode, 05 R710 and 01 R510 running in slave mode.

Thank you for your attention and support in helping me find a way to handle signal interference.