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Cannot always connect to 5G - iPhone

New Contributor III
I have a R300. System version
I CAN connect to 5g. I use the iPhone wi-fi settings and connect via that. BUT - at some stage it reverts back to 2.4G. Simply go back to the iPhone settings, turn off wireless. Turn on wireless and we are back at 5G. Later, it goes back to 2.4. I have no idea how long 'later' is as I've not measured it - but it's certainly within the same day.
I have the Country Code correctly set. I don't follow the whole 'balancing' thing but have ticked and unticked things to see if I can 'trick' the R300 to see the iPhone via 5G. I can't.

When I had a ZD1000 I had no issues, but with this R300 I can't set it to perform with 5G. There is one other person using the AP.

I know there's a way to do this but I can't find it and I have read widely. Can someone please tell me what to switch on/off to get this as I want. Thanks.

Contributor II
Well, it's the responsibility of the device to use the band that is best at any given time, so I will assume the iPhone is simply changing over due to distance, interference or other issues detected.

New Contributor III
Jakob, thanks for the reply. For a good while, I had thought nobody had read this post. This is not a very active Chanel.
However, your assumption isn't correct as I can sit right next to the AP and the 5G connection never happens. I have to make it happen by turning the iPhone Wireless off and on. There has to be a setting in the Ruckus software....Anyone...?