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Cannot access web interface on R310

New Contributor III
I have three R310 Unleashed access points in a mesh network. I want to broadcast two SSIDs -- one for departmental traffic and one for guests, each with its own VLAN. I originally had the ports set up as access ports and my primary SSID was working and I could configure my system through the web interface. To achieve my goal of two SSIDs on separate VLANs I configured the ports on my Cisco C3750 routers as 802.1q trunk ports and allowed VLANs 1,30 and 60 and designated 1 as the Native VLAN. 30 is for the department SSID and 60 is for Guests. I set the Access IP on the departmental SSID to 30, and have not yet configured the Guest VLAN. I was tested my departmental network and got good connections -- all APs were broadcasting properly Here's the rub -- when I went back to my desk I could no longer access my AP through the web interface. I also cannot ping it. When I set the port on the switch back to static access, I can ping the AP but still can not access it through the web interface. What could cause this? 

Are all of the VLANs created on the switch?

Yes they are

You're saying the web page won't open, right? Can you ping the AP?

Sometimes it open, but when Im trying to check information in unleashed platform it logs me out.

Master AP responds ping, some APs(not MAster) responds ping and some others dont, but I can see in the interface AP MAC and Macs from other clients connected to those APs so I can check they are working.

Have you checked the diagnostic logs on the port? It sounds to me like a broken connection. Maybe the port is flapping?