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C110 use WITHOUT cable modem possible

New Contributor

I am looking at replacing some of the Mikrotik stuff I have in place at my home compound with some Ruckus gear.  I have a few R500's and R510 now that I have in the main home but I've been using Mikrotik AP's similar to the C110 in some of the outbuildings and would like to do the same sort of setup.  I see the C110 is a nice cost effective solutions with a relatively similar form factor but the whole Cable modem piece isn't really required for my environment.  I can't seem to see any documentation regarding whether these can be powered via PoE or if they can even be used without the Modem?  Can anyone confirm?  I'd prefer something that is capable of running unleashed so the H500 would be out of the question.  H320 is nice but a little more than I wanted to spend.