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R710s on to Unleashed problems MD5 error

New Contributor

I have a batch of used R710s that I'm trying to repurpose and they are all on a really old zoneflex firmware. I seem unable to update the firmware to any other standalone, ZF, or Unleashed firmware. I can get to the GUI and the CLI just fine. I cannot however get any firmware to validate past the MD5 check. 

There is also a (standalone) in there shown in the system logs as one of the "SW images on flash". Of note is that the MD5 listed for that file is different from that of the newly downloaded same version from the R710 downloads section. 

I have tried any version of 100.x, 200.x that I could find. It looks like for some other devices there was a 9.12.3.x but apparently not for the R710. I have switched many many R710s from ZD/Standalone FW to unleashed recently but these are throwing me for a loop. I do not have access to a ZD to do anything so any options that would involve one are not available. 

If anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in a bit of a time crunch and I didn't expect this type of firmware issue to present itself. Just need to get to unleashed but happy to try any which way can be thought of. Been trying to see if there is a way to disable the MD5 check but that would be super low level and I'm sure that there has to be something else at issue that I'm missing. 

Thanks so much.