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Asking help to create a wifi network using DPSK

New Contributor III


I hope somebody can help me out! I'd like to convert one of my wifi network from PSK to DPSK. I'm using a ruckus r710 AP unleashed. I'v read some ruckus articles, and even watched not just the Ruckus Education "DPSK WLAN Configuration Release 18.02" video but a Polish Language video on Youtube and still unable to make it work. What i've done so far:

  • i've chosen the wifi network i'd like to configure >> edit
  • Name: unchanged
  • Usage type: Standard
  • Authentication Method: Open
  • Encryption Method: WPA2
  • Password: entered a passphrase
  • Accounting Server: Disabled

Advanced Options (under Zero-IT & DPSK)

  • Dynamic PSK: internal
  • DPSK Lenght: 16
  • DPSK type: Mobile Friendly
  • Expire D-PSK: unlimited
  • Limit D-PSK: not ticked
  • Shared D-PSK: not ticked

Under Admin & Services >> Services >> Dynamic PSK

  • Target WLAN: the wifi network i wanted to configure (the only option, because other networks don't use DPSK yet)
  • Number to create: 1 (just for my test laptop, running win10 2004)
  • Generated the CSV file, then downloaded it.

I think till this i'm OK?

I opened the CSV file in LibreOffice Calc, added a username, and changed the MAC Address of the laptop. First problem is that the generated form uses wrong column? When i clicked to upload profile, there was an error, because the second column is not the mac address's column in the downloaded format, but the column of the passphrase. So i changed to this: username, MAC address, Passphrase, WLAN name, Expires. After the change i could upload it, and it appeared under the Generated Dynamic-PSKs. After that i tried to connect to the WLAN with my unique password generated by unleashed, but i couldn't connect to the network, but i could use the WPA2 preshared key, and i was able to connect to the network.I thought maybe the problem is that the win10 uses private random MAC address, but i copied the MAC address from my router's DHCP table, and checked with ifconfig /all, the 2 was the same, and i have no option under settings to make such a change.

So this is what i could reach. I hope someone can help me out what am i missing here.

Thanks any help you can provide!

ps: please excuse my english!