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Asking help to create a wifi network using DPSK

New Contributor III


I hope somebody can help me out! I'd like to convert one of my wifi network from PSK to DPSK. I'm using a ruckus r710 AP unleashed. I'v read some ruckus articles, and even watched not just the Ruckus Education "DPSK WLAN Configuration Release 18.02" video but a Polish Language video on Youtube and still unable to make it work. What i've done so far:

  • i've chosen the wifi network i'd like to configure >> edit
  • Name: unchanged
  • Usage type: Standard
  • Authentication Method: Open
  • Encryption Method: WPA2
  • Password: entered a passphrase
  • Accounting Server: Disabled

Advanced Options (under Zero-IT & DPSK)

  • Dynamic PSK: internal
  • DPSK Lenght: 16
  • DPSK type: Mobile Friendly
  • Expire D-PSK: unlimited
  • Limit D-PSK: not ticked
  • Shared D-PSK: not ticked

Under Admin & Services >> Services >> Dynamic PSK

  • Target WLAN: the wifi network i wanted to configure (the only option, because other networks don't use DPSK yet)
  • Number to create: 1 (just for my test laptop, running win10 2004)
  • Generated the CSV file, then downloaded it.

I think till this i'm OK?

I opened the CSV file in LibreOffice Calc, added a username, and changed the MAC Address of the laptop. First problem is that the generated form uses wrong column? When i clicked to upload profile, there was an error, because the second column is not the mac address's column in the downloaded format, but the column of the passphrase. So i changed to this: username, MAC address, Passphrase, WLAN name, Expires. After the change i could upload it, and it appeared under the Generated Dynamic-PSKs. After that i tried to connect to the WLAN with my unique password generated by unleashed, but i couldn't connect to the network, but i could use the WPA2 preshared key, and i was able to connect to the network.I thought maybe the problem is that the win10 uses private random MAC address, but i copied the MAC address from my router's DHCP table, and checked with ifconfig /all, the 2 was the same, and i have no option under settings to make such a change.

So this is what i could reach. I hope someone can help me out what am i missing here.

Thanks any help you can provide!

ps: please excuse my english!


Valued Contributor II

Is there any specific reason why you don't want to use Zero-IT-activation? It will make device's provisioning much more convenient. Than you would not need to use just 16 symbols instead of 62 possible.

Anyway, when you have generated DPSK, it should work after generation immediately, and the first device presenting this DPSK key gets its MAC recorded in the table. You probably could upload the file with MACs, but if the MAC format in the file is incorrect, it will not work.  And why do you want to work with MACs anyway?

Of cause, you can connect some devices, and download created files, to compare MAC format you used (for example, capital or small letters are used).

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@eizens_putnins Thanks!

I'm not really familiar with neither Zero-IT or DPSK. You mentioned it in the other thread, and DPSK seemed as a really good option. Something i've looked for but never found. I didn't use Zero-IT activation, because the tutorials i've found haven't mentioned it :).

What i really don't understand is that if i give a password for the WPA2 encryption method and set DPSK, i'm still able to use the network with the WPA2 password. And same for Zero-IT. I just tried it out, and i could connect to the network. How should i configure the Authentication / Encryption section of the WLAN?

The MAC address would be good, but if it is not required that is good either. In this case how should i make the CSV for it? Now i tried to leave the MAC address 00:00:00:00:00:00 as it was in the downloaded format, and just give it a name and a password. Still no luck. This the format i upload for the DPSK service:

machine_name,00:00:00:00:00:00,"16_charachters_for_password",WLAN_name,Unlimited. This is the format what the unleshed software accepts. Is there anything i don't see here?