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Announcement: Unleashed 200.15 MR GA ( Product Guides Published on RUCKUS Support Po

RUCKUS Team Member

Hello All,


The RUCKUS Unleashed 200.15 MR GA Product Guides have been published on the RUCKUS Support Portal.


RUCKUS Unleashed Release Notes


RUCKUS Unleashed R350e AP Quick Setup Guide


Note: HTML and PDF versions of the product guides are available in the document portal (


Hi All,

We have a official release of available in support site, please check.

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New Contributor II

so does this fix the apple / IOS devices and other devices with poor signal and IOS devices roaming between APs?  Because so far,  after updating, I see more devices being listed as poor and moderate for signal, where even before the reboot there were none in that condition, they were all excellent - this version seems to not fix all the issues that were introduced in 200.15, and seems like a significant download from 200.14.

New Contributor II

Well this version is certainly got issues with IOS devices,  after an iphone goes to sleep, it will not reconnect to the wifi.  I will revert back to 200.14 again.....  really wished Rukus could have got this version corrected/working properly.


New Contributor

I have had massive issues with 200.15 with IOS devices...again.... Rolling back to 200.14. Not happy. 

Yep, this release looks to be significantly more broken than the previous build.