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Activate my ruckus

New Contributor

My Wi-Fi signal is extremely low and i was told to activate my Ruckus. May i have help doing so please


New Contributor II

Need way more information, if you can.  What model access point(s) do you have?  What switch?  What do you mean by the signal being extremely low?  Hopefully you're able to log into the Unleashed Web UI and see if there's any settings that are sub-optimal.  Channel issues, power too strong or too weak, etc.

Sorry for the lack of info. I just moved into a Lennard Home and im so clueless as too all the capabilities of this smart home. i have spectrum internet but the signal speeds ar low in certain areas of my home. one of the spectrum techs came over to help and saw that i had a rucks box in the server closet, i also have 2 other ruckus boxes hooked around my house. i was told that ruckus is a signal booster in lemans terms and i should tech out to someone to get it activated. i have no idea what you mean by " Unleashed Web UI" or what " Model access point do i have". i need help understanding what to do and more importantly what exactly afre the capabilities of Ruckus. Thank you

Ruckus is a manufacturer of enterprise-grade networking gear.  Namely wireless access points ("APs").  Access points provide Wi-Fi to your wireless devices.  I don't know what you mean by "boxes," and I'm not familiar with smart homes, but you probably have a switch in a wiring closet and 1-2 APs hopefully on the ceiling.  The APs plug into the switch via ethernet cables, which also usually provides Power-over-Ethernet over the same cable.

Ruckus Unleashed is a license-free way to manage Ruckus access points and switches without having to pay a yearly subscription like big corporations do.  It's a way for small and medium businesses and home users to get our hands on good quality equipment without spending hundreds or thousands per year on a license on gear that we own.

Whoever sold you the home should provide instructions on how to log into the Ruckus Unleashed web interface (the IP address as well as the username and password).  From there you can look at the Wi-Fi settings of all your APs and make sure the best channels are chosen (ones that your neighbors aren't using), the right channel width, and the appropriate amount of signal strength (power).  Too strong is like shouting, and too weak is obviously pretty short range.  Choosing the right settings for all of this usually takes some basic networking know-how, but first you gotta log in.  And nah, it's not a "signal booster"; these are access points and switches.

I'd get with whoever sold you the home or Lennar for anyone to really help you here.  You'll need the IP address to be able to log into the Ruckus Unleashed Web UI and the admin username and password.