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Access inside a Ruckus R500 without Wizard

New Contributor
Good morning,
I'm new of the Ruckus world because we have installed two years ago number 4 Unleashed R500 devices. Configured Master and after connect the "slaves" and all ok.Yesterday the constumer calls me that one of them seems don't working (it says blinking LED) and the signal is very weak.For troubleshooting I'm connected to the constumer's Watchguard to bring the IP assigned.Create a forwarding to access to the AP's and all 4 are reachable.
The problem is that i can't connect in the management screen (the username and password login screen) to see who is the master, the Member AP's etc... because it bring me to the Wizard screen (Create new Unleashed Network and Join Ruckus Cloud...) without any option to "configure"
I've tried to enter inside the https://XX.XX.XX.XX:xxxx/admin/login.jsp but it brings me a "Access Error: Site or Page Not Found" error
There's a way without going on site?
Thank you!

New Contributor II
You need to first make sure the unleashed network is still function

Does your client still have working WiFi / Internet access? Have your client physically remove the faulty AP (the one that is blinding) and verify the LED on the other 3 AP to confirm they are working (master will have PWR and OPT LED on solid green and 2 other slaves will have PWR LED on solid green)

Also, instead of trying to access the unleashed portal remotely, can you ask your client to try to access it via local terminal?

If you are able to verify that the other 3 AP and the unleashed network is still working, I would then try to physically hard reset the faulty AP to see if it will then join the existing unleashed network automatically, if  not, then you may need to RMA that unit..

New Contributor
Thank you for your reply!
The other 3 AP's working well. They are all connected to a PoE switch and the "faulty" AP has been rebooted physically many times.

I think i will try a Teamviewer session to "enter" in the SSID and see if ther'are problems and after i will try a hard reset.
How I can enter in the AP locally? you mean with the link through the SSID?

I didn't understand the OPT LED you say to know if an AP is master. What's it's mean? I have PWR and DIR I remember...

Thank you again