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Did you mean: doesn't fix the packet loss for stations connected to MAP

New Contributor II
As described in a few replies to , I'm experiencing an issue with my Unleashed mesh set-up. The topology and set-up can't be simpler - one RAP, one MAP (both R710), one network (2.4+5), WPA2 auth.

Used to work flawlessly before upgrade to 200.5.x, with the same config.

After APs boot up, all starts off great. After a period of time (sometimes as short as an hour or so), stations connected to the MAP start experiencing packet loss / transmission delays. If MAP is power-cycled, problem clears - clients are happy, until they are not again.

When the issue is present, RAP-MAP speed test doesn't show up any significant slow-down - it's around 400-450Mbps, just as when all is OK.

Channels are stable - I don't see any movements, even after MAP reboot, it comes up to occupy the same channels as before. There is no significant interference. 2.4 uses Background Scanning, 5 uses ChannelFly.

Was hoping that upgrading to would help, but no, it didn't.

Would really like my stability back, please.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Dimitri,

    I haven't heard any bugs though.  It might help if you can provide your logs to our Tech Support
for review, captured after you experience poor performance and before you reboot.

Michael, thanks for the response. Would you be able to tell me what command(s) to run to collect the necessary logs?

Hi Dmitri,

   Under Admin & Services -> Administer -> Diagnostics page, click the Logs tab, then Save System Log.

Excellent, I'll collect the next time the issue comes up, and open a ticket.

From a cursory look at the downloaded logs, it appears they are all from the RAP. Do I need to do anything special to get the logs from the MAP?