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Clients has disconections during the day

Clients are dropping by AP, and to re-connect they need to disconnect and connect manually to AP.Aug 11 15:29:30 hostapd:  wlan34: STA ac:81:12:dc:ba:a4 IEEE 802.11: wlan34: IEEE 802.11: disassociated Aug 11 15:29:30 hostapd...

New access point can't see in zonedirector

5 months ago I ordered some T300 access point. In the past I can always see my new access point in ZD but from few days I can't see new access points in ZD. I don't know why. It happened with all new access points.  can anyone suggest me what should ...

Firmware for R600 Access Point

Hi.  We have two Ruckus AP's.  A Zoneflex R300 and a R600 Access Point.  They are being used without Zone Director at the moment.  I have succesfully setup the R300 with the stand alone firmware.  I am having a bit of trouble with the R600, the webpa...

New building - features to enhance wireless

With the totally blank canvas of a new building project - still with the architects at present - what should we attempt to build in order to enhance wireless performance? For example, should walls be as transparent to RF as possible in order to enhan...

Ruckus alerts in UTC, not local time zone

On our Ruckus Virtual Smartzone controllers, we have the proper time zone set to America/New York. We had an AP disconnect and the email alert we received gave the time as 10:05 UTC which is 6:05 in the US Eastern Standard time.Can the Ruckus control...


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