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ZD1200 on Restriction of time schedule

New Contributor
Only the service schedule can restrict on WLAN level instead of individual AP?

Valued Contributor II
well, if you have want an specific WLAN to be ONLY on specific AP(s) then that is doable...
create a new WLAN group which contains all SSID including the one with service schedule and assign that new created WLAN group to those specific AP(s)..
that should do the trick.. for more refer to ZD user guide...

Contributor III
You need to do the following:

1. Create a WLAN with a schedule
2. Create a WLAN Group and select only the WLAN at 1 above as a WLAN member of that group
3. Create an AP Group
4. Add an AP to the AP group
5. Override the system default WLAN Group for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio within the new AP Group to be that of the WLAN Group created at 2 above.
6. Ensure you have removed the scheduled WLAN created at 1 above from the default Group or all AP's will broadcast the scheduled WLAN.