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We have two "Cloud" Forums, how to excercise them?

Esteemed Contributor II

Hello Dan, Phal, Carlos, Jean, Jason, David,

You and I are members of this forum, named "Kumo Cloud".

David setup the "Cloud (Beta)" forum, that has 13 select partners/employee members,

and there are questions/answers going on in that forum.

Beside Q&A or announcements, were there other purposes in mind for the forum(s)

that you might want to exercise in this smaller group?  Does the other group meet

all needs?

- Michael Brado


New Contributor
Hi Michael,

So the 'Kumo Cloud' forum is a private room, which was originally intended to be for the Ruckus Cloud Beta participants for Q&A, issue reporting, and feedback. We were hoping that once the user signs up for Kumo, that they would automatically have access to this private room. What we learned was that even if the kumo user had a Ruckus Account, they would still need to be manually invited to this 'Kumo Cloud' private room. So the team agreed to use a public forum, which is the 'Cloud (beta)' room, which does not require an invite to access. 

To answer your question, the main purpose for the forums was for Q&A, issue tracking, feedback, and announcements. This private forum is currently not in use, as we've been directing external beta sites to go to the public forum. 

We need to make a decision which one to keep. I think the private room goes away, right?