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Zone Director 3000 and build 59 Problems

New Contributor II
I currently have a case open working with Ruckus on this but figured I would post here as well to see if anybody has anything similier that has happened.

I have a zone director 3000 on code build 59 running mostly r600APS with a few 7982 in the mix

I have 2 issues that I'm seeing:

IOS devices running code 8.3 or 8.4 are having terrible speeds. They tend to do ok if they are the only device on the AP but soon as you get around a dozen clients they drop all the way down to under 1mb speed test and latency and dropped packets happen. I happen to have an IOS device that is running 8.1 and its fine.

My APS are getting rebooted

2015/09/15  23:45:25Medium AP[WAP0272] joins with uptime [68] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : hardware watchdog ]2015/09/15  23:33:33High Lost contact with AP[WAP0272]2015/09/15  23:13:33Medium AP[WAP0272] heartbeats lost2015/09/15  14:34:12Medium AP[WAP0272] joins with uptime [64] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : application reboot]2015/09/15  14:22:54High Lost contact with AP[WAP0272]2015/09/15  14:02:54Medium AP[WAP0272] heartbeats lost

Will dig up some more info as well on this.

Esteemed Contributor II
Collect the AP support info files, from Monitor/Access Points, first icon to the right of the selected AP, and provide these to Tech Support for analysis, along with your connected and poorly performing IOS device MAC address(es).  These files can show RF interference that might be affecting the AP, or client side rx/tx capabilities.  If you can, connect your 8.1 and an 8.3/8.4 client to the same AP when you collect the support info.