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Smartzone Inactivity Timer

The SmartZone Inactivity Timer goes for 60-1000 seconds while, from what I'm reading, ZoneDirector's can go as high as 500 minutes.  Why the difference?  

And what's a good setting for a School District setting (lots of phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)?  I think the default is 120 seconds which seems too short to me.

Hi Nuwan,
Where do you get the error "reason-04"? Does the error pop-up on the device?


@ Chang: Reason code 4 comes up in the support file of the AP.

@ Nuwan: make sure your inactivity timeout values marries up with your DHCP server incativity timeout value, to prevent the issue of having to turn the wireless card on and off.

@Sean: Sorry, what do you mean about matching the inactivity timer with the DCHP server?  Are you talking about the default-lease-time?  With my max of 1000 seconds, I would have to set my leases to 16-17 minutes.

@ Clayton - So your lease can be whatever value, but your AAA server should have an idle session timeout value the same as the AP.

The way it works is that a client makes a renewal every 15mins, so if your client is still active and makes the broadcast at 15mins, it will overwrite the inactivity timer of 16mins, and the client wont have to go through the process of re-auth.

If you dont have the values on the AP and your core the same, then the client will think its still connected and not make another request for an IP.

@Sean: Thanks.  Our AAA Revive Interval matches our WLAN Inactivity Timeout so we should be good?  And if I want to increase our Inactivity Timeout, I should increase the Revive Internal, right?