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Radius server unreachable events

Contributor II
vSZ version with 411 R710s APs on campus. Every few days we are getting a bunch of radius server unreachable events. What is odd is the details of the event do not even point to our radius server. All events are reported like this

AP [Int301@F8:E7:1E:2A:A4:40] is unable to reach radius server [].

Of course is not our radius server. We are using Cloudpath as our radius server. Our wifi is rock solid so there are no other symptoms other than a rash of these events every few days.

Any ideas what causes this?

I am seeing this on the Ruckus download site

SmartZone AP Patch for Post 5.2.1 GA Refresh (SZ300, SZ-100, vSZ) version

I do not see version, what am I missing?

You need to raise a ticket with Ruckus and they will send you the AP patch.

New Contributor

We are seeing this issue more than ever on We have just applied the latest AP Patch to see if that makes a difference, but the VSZ itself is also throwing the error when used as proxy. 

New Contributor II

Same issue here. 

AP firmware:


Hi All, is a patch provided under one of the existing cases running with engineering and this patch is not available yet publically.

If required, you can open a support case and request for the same.

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