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Looking for a WiFi to Ethernet bridge.

New Contributor II
I have a device far from an IDF that needs an IP. Looking for a WiFi to Ethernet bridge. Can I connect a 7372 AP to a wired 7762 via mesh and then use the 7372 to give out an IP?  Using a ZD1200 controller.

I've done this before with R600's. My AP's all have their ports set to trunk mode so you either had to set one of the ports on the AP as an access port with a VLAN, or have your client tag outbound packets. From the ZD you can configure the ports on the AP's and set one as an access port with a VLAN set

New Contributor II
Have been off site for a few days.  Will look into AP ports later today.  My wifi network does not run on default VLAN 1 so all my switch ports are tagged. 

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, then you wanna double check the settings and make sure you've set the port on your AP to be an access port with the correct VLAN ID

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