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Hotspot problems after 9.7 upgrade

New Contributor II

Just tried the 9.7 firmware and had to downgrade, I will explain below.

We have staff wifi and use the hotspot services so they can login.

In our hotspot service page we have the login page which points to a local site with policies and other info which is http://policy/wifi/index.html

And in the walled garden section we have http://policy.wifi/index.html and the ruckus login page

On 9.6 this all used to work brilliantly now on 9.7 it no longer works, are we doing something really stupid here or has functionality changed?

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the MS Surface with Windows RT cannot reach the captive portal page. topic.

Valued Contributor II
Not offhand I can't think of anything that would cause this to fail.

Is this just Surface RT tablets or all clients? Can you provide more detail about how/where it fails? I'm using this new thread to open a case for you.

New Contributor II
It happens with all clients and operating systems.

The only thing we changed is the firmware from 9.6 to 9.7

It happens right after connecting to the wlan and opens the browser, this is the point where it fails.

I can provide a copy of the config if that helps?

Valued Contributor II
We are working with Andrew on this issue and will report back when we have root cause.

New Contributor II
Hi Keith,

My end-user also having the same problem on the hotspot after upgrading the firmware from ver 9.6 to 9.7. All the while, they using ver. without any issue. The hotspot are set redirection to for authentication and after user is valid it will redirect back to Inside the walled garden we set the unauthenticated users to the IP address of login page. When user get connected to WLAN and open the browser the login page will prompt automatically.

For ver. 9.7 it doesn't happen.