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Does SZ100 support quota management per user and per group?

New Contributor
Quota Management

Esteemed Contributor II
What do you mean by "quota management" please?

Can you describe your intended wireless environment?

Do you mean for an office building with many little companies using their own SSIDs/VLANs,
or a Stadium or Hotel where you have thousands of unauthenticated clients, who may use
a Browser type access, over thousands of potential IP address subnet/VLANs, but need short
session timeouts, etc...

Have you met or talked to your local Reseller or Ruckus Systems Engineer, if you are thinking big?

New Contributor III
I think by quota management he means to be able to assign different volume bandwidth (by MB or GB) to users and groups.

I have a similar request for Guest SSID to be limited to 500MB/period on a ZD1200 working on build 33.. is it supported in new releases?

Many thanks,