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how to mount r500 on the wall?

New Contributor
Im Going to purchase 12 AP r500 . We need to mount them on the wall.  Is it should be mounted vertically or horizontally face down( we can get special shelfs for them) ?

Esteemed Contributor II
You won't see much difference if you wall mount the R500s vertically or horizontally, due to our multiple antenna array BeamFlex technology with MU-MIMO in the 802.11ac chipset.
But you won't get the same coverage with flat wall mount, over ceiling or top of bookcase, as they were meant to be used flat/horizontal, but things depend upon your environment.
We don't make a shelf, but fabricating one, or something from a home design shop might be feasible to allow horizontal over vertical wall mounting.

Can your VAR provide a couple samples to put on a couple walls in your environment to help test your client coverage area?