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ICX7450 switch STP Loop

New Contributor II
We have ICX 7450 switch as distribution switch and below that we have 5 nos HP 5120 as access switches  in a Ring Topology. We have connected one port of 7450 to HP Access switch one and another is connected to access switch 5. If i connect both the link i found STP loop and if i disconnected one of the link, the network found stable. Earlier it was Cisco switch and now we are replacing the same with Brocade.
Please suggest.

New Contributor II
Did you make sure to enable 802.1w rapid spanning tree on the ICX 7450 and assigning the ports going to the HPs as "admin pt2pt mac"  ?

New Contributor II
If you are running routing code, spanning-tree is not enabled by default. It is enabled by default on CIsco and HP switches.

New Contributor II
Hi I have already configured the command but still has a issue...
interface ethernet 1/2/2
port-name ###UPLINK_TOWARD_10.11.64.21###
spanning-tree 802-1w admin-pt2pt-mac

I'm assuming 1/2/2 is one port leading to one of the HP switches (1). Is the other port leading to switch 5 also configured with the same spanning-tree configuration?