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vSZ V6. - WISPr User Roles

New Contributor III

After 4 years of waiting for user roles to be a thing in the Ruckus vSZ, v6. finally supports them however they don't totally work. 

I would like to get the Hotspot (WISPr) service to work with User Roles. I can see this is a configurable option when setting up a Wireless Network however when it comes down to the WISPr service and the Authentication, it simply doesn't work - as soon as the option is changed in the WLAN under the Advanced > User Role Access from Allow All to Allow Specific, those that are assigned to that Role are unable to login to the custom form. 

I have tested the AAA servers and made sure the groups all align up correctly - which they do but as soon as the Allow All is changed to Allow Specific and specific roles are selected, users of the "allowed" role cannot log in to the wifi.

I have briefly tested the Web Auth service with user role access and this works however the Web Auth service is not the right service for us.

Can someone let me know if this will be available in 6.1 when it is release because it feels like i might be losing Ruckus to another wireless provider.