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vSZ Limit concurrent sessions per user

New Contributor
We have been looking for a way to do the following:

We use RADIUS (with Active Directory) as authentication. We now want to limit the concurrent sessions for each user to 1 device.

Anybody any idea how we could configure this?

New Contributor III
Hi Merlijn,

I'm not quite sure but I believe this is only achievable by a 3rd solution like Cloudpath or Clearpass, there you can define additional policies like the one you're looking for.

AFAIK I don't think there's a rule for that purpose within the NPS from Windows.

But, if anyone else can clarify further, it will be great.

Best regards.

New Contributor
Hi Merlijn,

Did you find any solution for this? I'm looking on a way to implement this as well.  

Hey Alexandru

I have not. So now I'm using our Watchguard Firewall to handle the authentication.