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vSZ - Guest Pass Resources + AAA-server groups as a role

New Contributor
vSZ-E 5.0

At this moment it's only possible to create a group/role as "guest pass admin" which can create guest passes and change the template. This is only possible for local users on the vSZ.

In short:
- Split the "full access" from guest pass admin into "create guest pass" and "edit guest template".
- Possibility to add groups from AAA-server to a group/role (for example to create guest passes)

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Merjiln,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. 

As this is not supported in the current design of vSZ,  I would request you to contact your local Ruckus Sales Representative and open a Feature Request for this.

It might be included in the future releases.

- Anusha