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vSZ-D Network Configuration

New Contributor III

I'm attempting to turn up a vSZ-D instance in my lab. I've got a pair of vSZ controllers running in a cluster, each with three interfaces (Management, Cluster, Control). The vSZ-D documentation is pretty bad, as it calls the one interface "Management/Control" and doesn't really say what it does, or really how it's supposed to connect to the vSZ controllers. I've tried it on both the "Management" and "Cluster" networks but I can't get it to connect. I have not tried it on the "Control" (which is Public) for the controllers as this is the same subnet as the "Data" interface should be on.

Also, I have no idea how the "Data" interface is supposed to work VLAN-wise. Is the IP I assigned just untagged?

Could someone share how theirs is configured and working? I would really appreciate it!


New Contributor III
Thanks for the reply Michael, I have already scoured those documents and they do not contain the information I need.

What network should the "Management" interface of the dataplane module be configured on, and what IP does it need to connect to the control plane one?

You might benefit more from a conversation with your locar VAR or Ruckus SE, as the entirety of virtual controller deployment and separate vitual Dataplane for tunnelled client traffic is a little more complex than simple ZoneDirector model.

I am the VAR. I've reached out to our SE for any design documents he may have. This really should be covered in your manual...