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vSZ - Client Authentication using Google LDAPS

New Contributor II
Has anybody used Google LDAPS service to successfully authenticate Users on Virtual Smart Zone 5.1?

New Contributor II
Looks like this can be made to work.

The current issue is that Google does not allow hitting their LDAPS service via IP, only FQDN. I have confirmed this using LDP.exe and Lex ldap explorer. Are there any Ruckus resources here that could advise whether we could get a feature request going to have the LDAP Authentication service accept a FQDN as well as IP for the LDAP Primary server? Smartzone currently only allows IP entry.

Thanks for sharing that Google does not allow IP address, only FQDN. If this is the case, you can use a Radius server to connect to Google LDAP.

ie. Ruckus -> Radius Server -> Google LDAP.

I am also trying out this method.

New Contributor II
This feature will also be necessary for using LDAPS against Azure Active Directory Domain Services (different from Azure AD). Again are there any Ruckus resources here who could point me in the right direction for requesting this functionality (Primary Server by FQDN) in SZ?

Hey philip.
Have you found anything new to solve this problem?